Toronto Girls Longboarding’s FUBU (For Us By Us) is in its 6th year this August 26th and 27th!
 This annual skate event involves two days full of different skating activities and competitions, in which the  only participants are female (or identify with being women). The weekend revolves around building community for women in the sport, and allows ladies to test their skills in a supportive, low-pressure  environment. Activities for the event include a cruise, dinner and a party, a downhill race, slalom, a dance contest and a push race, so riders of all styles can get their kicks in. Participants come from all over Ontario and the States to join in on the fun, and there are usually about forty women in attendance. Guys are, of course, more than welcome to join us at the party and to watch the competitions and show their support! If you or someone you know is interested in coming out to this event contact me directly.   This event is the largest all-women skate event in North America.  Vaclav