Sioux City, IA local skateboarders lost a fellow skateboarder last January to brain cancer. Andrew Langin 40 years old was a single father of a beautiful 13 yr old daughter Sophie, an avid skateboarder, a bad ass drummer and an amazing metal sculpture. He was a member of the Sioux City Skateboard Association since it’s inception in 1999.Andy with his daughter Sophie The Association was formed by local Sioux City Skateboarders to raise funds for concrete skateboard parks in the midwest. The funds raised help build the concrete skatepark in Sioux City. The skate-able memorial for Andy was project idea from Association members David Hall and Trevor Osterholt. “We wanted to design and construct a memorial for our brother that he would be stoked about. So we designed an obstacle that would work for skateboarding and flow of the skatepark. Also the design is in the shape of an A. We also decided last minute to inlay a spade shaped base so from a certain angle you see a spade.The memorial is specifically shaped in the letter A Andy was a big fan of the band Motorhead and after the passing of Lemmy Kilmister that previous year we thought that would be fitting. The concrete was integrally dosed with butterfield dark charcoal color. We also dosed the truck with 400 pounds of 00 size lime green glass along with Andy’s ashes. All grading, forming and pouring was done by the Sioux City Skateboard Association, JFE Contracting in Sioux City and Concrete finish work was provided by MJ Concrete in Sioux City Ia. The polishing of the elements was done by Rich’s concrete polishing in Sioux City, Ia. The glass and aggregate after polishing glimmered and gave a beautiful finish to the elements. This project is a tribute to our skateboarding brotherhood.  Some of Andy’s friends pay tribute to him at the park. All in all a very unique project for a one of a kind father, friend and fellow skateboarder.