I can remember the exact date I met Noel Korman of the Shralpers Union – March 11th 2011. It was a the world’s first longboard expo held in NYC. The folks at Bustin Boards had graciously allowed Concrete Wave to host the event at their new shop at the Lower East Side. The store (sadly, now closed) was to be called The Longboard Loft. It was just getting refurbished and the timing was perfect to host an event. Theseus Williams worked diligently to ensure that we had the space to hold over 35 companies and hundreds of skate fans. I am still not sure how it all came together, but it did! On that auspicious day, Noel put out his hand and said “I’m Noel Korman of the Shralpers Union and I’m here to help.” It was a surreal moment. I shook his hand and began to learn about the Union.  Noel had single-handedly created a movement that encapsulated everything I loved about skateboarding and snowboarding – high fives and positive vibes. I was immediately convinced that Noel had a heart bigger than all of New York or New Jersey. Over the course of the 3 years that I knew Noel, I saw his incredible, larger than life personality affect literally thousands of people. As many of you know, Noel along with his girlfriend Alice Park passed away on December 6, 2014. It was a freak accident – a boiler in the building they were working at leaked carbon monoxide. As a result of these completely unnecessary deaths, Governor Chris Christie eventually signed a bill that made the use of carbon monoxide detectors compulsory in all commercial buildings. Why they weren’t there before is something that I will never understand. By the way, a number of people DIED of carbon monoxide poisoning after both houses in the NJ Legislature passed the bill. It was only after Christie finally signed the bill that it became law. Thankfully, it’s already having an affect.Noel with fans at the 2013 Vans Warped Tour.   Noel’s message of “high fives and positive vibes” resonated deeply me with this past weekend and yesterday. We had over 5,000 people visit our booth at Buskerfest here in Toronto. We gave out a lot of “high fives” to stoked out kids. Below is the proof:   Another freshly minted skate enthusiast. Luke Ayata One of Noel’s most trusted friends was Luke Ayata. Luke has worked tirelessly to spread Noel’s message. Over the summer, he announced the new SU website. Take a peek at what they have and please support their efforts. We need folks riding, not ripping on each other. We need spread some high fives and positive vibes. I also want to mention Ray Korman (Noel’s father) who I have become very close with along with Jeffrey Collins Harper who has spent hours working on graphics for the Union. Ray Korman Concrete Wave is proud to put the Union logo on our homepage.As things get crazier and crazier, I urge you to get out there and spread high fives and positive vibes. Please visit here to register for Roll for Peace.