What started as an idea between two friends became a very significant part of my life. It all started while I was at I <3 Downhill in Windham, NY and experienced the longboarding community in all it had to offer. People were friendly, supporting, and caring but still there to compete. In other words it was my first introduction to the new family. Shortly after I returned I was talking to my friend about a post I saw on Facebook from Concrete Wave Magazine, about getting involved and spreading the stoke. Quickly I emailed Michael Brooke and after talking for a bit, Michael agreed to hook me up with some wheels and some boards. Soon after I approached Boys and Girls club of Cornwall/SDG and bought some trucks and we started a longboarding program began. I worked with 1 kid at each site for the first while but it allowed me to sit and talk with them about what they want to do and experience. What I could not appreciate more is the one on one time I got with these kids, because they taught me so much more about myself than I could ever have hoped to learn. The stoke was real and there were a lot of kids who really enjoyed the program and the opportunity to try out skating for the first time in their lives and some kids who couldn’t really afford it. With this group of caring youth I was motivated to put everything I had in to this and continued to teach the program for 3 years. Three of the best years of my life I might add. I have watched them grow from barely being able to push to going on cruises around town, using it for transportation and bombing some hills when it interests them.