The Mellow team that makes the e-drive that turns any longboard into an electric skateboard headed to the infamous local ditch.  They brought a BBQ to relax with friends and see if they could ride an old spot in new ways.
 The crew met on an unusually sunny Sunday in Hamburg, Germany to go Mellowboarding. The ditch can be a little wet and a somewhat smelly place. They had played around in it early on with their Kickstarter prototypes but this was the first time they were back with so many of the final versions and the whole crew to ride their creation!
They had attempted sections of the spot in the past, but this time the ditch was dry enough to ride the whole zone. There is a metal sheet that serves as a bridge over the center stream that never really dries up due to the systematic water evacuation. The boards eventually got wet but that is of little worry to the water-resistant (IP65) Mellow. Suddenly, they were seeing lines that had only been joked about during the last visits. The crew turned up the speed and the style with every try. Flying up the banked walls and cutting a turn felt like a snowboard slash on a mountain or corning the banks gave you the sensation of catching a massive wave. The ride was endless. They covered the boards in mud that smelt a little like dead fish. 

After cleaning the decks back at headquarters with that feeling of a first descent or discovering a new surf spot, they knew this was the beginning of something awesome. Visit