It’s Saturday and the weather is in a fine mood. Let’s hope the world won’t end today as predicted here. If in fact, we do make it through the day/weekend, take a peek on some of these fascinating videos/links.  First up, Ellen Oneal is setting Reddit on fire. This is a fantastic shot from 1976 by Warren Bolster.Have a peek;Ellen Oneal – 1976 – Photo by Warren Bolster Next, the folks at Arbor have just dropped a very cool video Josh Stafford in the new Arbor video Josh Stafford and his dog Carver take a pull down to WSVT to break in a new Cucharon from the Arbor Whiskey Project’s new Legacy Series. The Legacy Series includes three modern takes on some of the Brand’s favorite old-school shapes, including the Martillo (hammer), Pistola (gun), and Cucharon (shovel) Concrete Wave TV continues to drop some rather intriguing videos. Thanks to our very own Ninja Master Lu, things are heating up! Take a peek below!And if that wasn’t enough, have a peek at my first video part in 17 years! Now that Silverfish has flown the coop, you might be interested to know the roots of the site. Take 15 minutes to watch founder Marcus Vorwaller discuss the history of this much-beloved site. Marcus Vorwaller – Founder of Silverfish, explaining how it all came about!  And finally, while you’ve had a chance to enjoy these links, please take a moment to think about our friends in Puerto Rico. Hector Valle is a driving force in PR for the skate community and he sent this email today. It’s absolutely tragic what has happened and CW and Longboarding for Peace will be embarking on a plan to help support relief efforts. If you can offer a kind word of support to Hector and those dealing with this nightmare, I know it will go along way. Email Hector at birdstown@gmail.comPuerto Rico is completely devastated. The power grid is non-existent. Dear Family and Friends:

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers in the last couple of days.

Please see attached image briefly. It represents the damage Hurricane Maria imparted on the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, a US Territory. It compares to nuclear bomb detonation.

100% of the infrastructure was down as of the drafting of this message. No electricity, water, phone services, or internet. No bridges or roads, as they were taken down by the torrents of the rivers, or blocked by the trees, poles, and debris from destroyed homes.

No communications at all with loved ones, government agencies, or emergency services, as they will have to dig themselves out of the rubble first, then open lines of communication and transportation for the outside world to bring aide. That may take weeks, if not months.

Me and friends/colleagues/veterans from my small hometown on the NW side of the Island founded 2 non-profit civic organizations over a decade ago to aide in nation building programs (that could not be provided by the government down there), such as dog rescue, and lifeguard training to name a few. Our group members living here on the Mainland (various States), have started an effort to collect donations of any kind for relief operations to our small hometown of Quebradillas (Little Creeks). One of our members has secured a shipping container that we intend to fill with donations and ship straight where needed the most, to our small town. You can find us on-line as:

House of the Doggz


Pirata Surf Club

We do not know the specific needs as of yet, as we’ve had and no contact with anyone in our little town since the storm hit, but as soon we do make contact with our town’s Mayor or our Emergency Operations Management Center, we will have a better idea what their specific needs may be. We can anticipate they will need medicine, food, water, fuel, tarps, etc…

This is the worst catastrophe to ever hit our little Caribbean paradise, which is no more. Recovery will take months, if not years. May God bless you for caring. Please share this message with others, if you would, as many of you have been asking me what the situation is down there, and what you can do to help.


Hector R. Valle Sr.