Here in Canada there have been some alarming reports about folks are going out to buy fake diplomas and degrees. Apparently, it’s a billion dollar business worldwide. There’s a report here about here. According to a CBC report, Allen Ezell (pictured above), a former FBI agent who investigated diploma mills for decades, estimates half of new PhDs issued every year in the U.S. are fake. HALF! More incredulously, this chap is on YouTube actively bragging about how he purchased a Bachelor’s Degree and it changed his life. Over 200,000 views. Let’s hope his current employer never sees this video. The truth is that while millions of people are buying fake diplomas to further their careers, you can’t fake fun. You simply can’t. You can smile outwardly, but there is no way you can fool yourself. If you’re not having fun skateboarding and you are faking things, it will eat away at your soul. Over 40 years ago, I entered a college called Flow State.  If you drop into a pool, ditch or hill, you know that every ride counts. And if you drop out of Flow State, you will soon regret it.  Perhaps you are familiar with Flow State? It took a Hungarian psychologist to distill what people have known for years.Here’s a video from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi to explain it in more detail. But if you don’t have the time, here’s a photo of me in Flow State. Note: it has not been photoshopped. That smile is 100% real.Flow State is the only non-accredited college that is dedicated to fun. If you’re not in the zone, the diploma you receive from Flow State (see below) will serve as a constant reminder that you’re on the wrong path. At Flow State, the student body is powered by water, waves and gravity. Full disclosure: it will cost you some money to purchase the tools to enter Flow State. Skateboards are an investment in your future. It will also take some time and attention to master these tools. However, in MOST cases tuition is 100% free. If you decide to become a teacher at Flow State, chances are your financial reward will be limited to the stoke you spread to others. But the joy you receive from bringing new students to Flow State will actually increase your level of joy within the hallowed grounds of Flow State. Funny how that works. If you’d like to create your own diploma from Flow State, simple reprint the image below and fill in the blank. Unlike other diploma mills, this diploma is 100% FREE. But it does require some investment of time and energy. Take it from me, I’ve never graduated from Flow State, and I’ve never been more happier!  PS: you might enjoy this video – it’s me in flow…captured on tape!