Oh, this is going to be a touchy post. Somehow, someway, somebody is going to feel slighted. But I am not here to talk about political issues. I am here to talk what happens when politics and skateboarding collide. As this such a difficult subject, I want to hear from you. Email me your thoughts – if you dare. Believe it or not, chances are, if you are a skateboarder, you’re involved in some sort of politics. Let’s break it down like this: 1.  POLITICS WITH SKATEBOARDING PART 1There are SOME self-proclaimed “skate arbiters of cool” that have some extremely harsh words for those who don’t ride “the right type of skateboard.” Here’s a taste. A skate troll that shamefully hides his name, this guy (or gal, but I sense it’s a guy) wants to make skateboarding political. Or maybe it’s “satire.” For those of you who just want a brief glimpse, here are a few screen shots.                      Obviously, who ever wrote this is in severe need of an education on the history of skateboarding.   2. POLITICS AMONG SKATERS PART DEUX – SOCIAL MEDIAForget the extreme games…we’re talking extreme opinions. Without getting into who said what, take a meander over to Facebook and within just a few brief moments, you’ll be taken to the land of “extreme.” So much for skateboarding being a grounding force.  There are gun lovers on one side and those who want most guns banned. There are Trump supporters on one side and those who want him impeached. Then there are a whole bunch of people in the middle who are just trying to enjoy themselves without too much drama. This is why I cut my personal time spent with FB to 15 minutes per week. LIBERATING!  If you have racist friend…Thank you Special AKA   3. POLITICS FROM PEOPLE WHO YOU THINK WOULD KNOW BETTER Gee, thanks Vice Magazine For those of you who think Vice is coolest f**king place in the world and it’d be AWESOME to work there, head over to Glassdoor.  Of course, your experience might be different. But then again, if I read stuff like this, I’d question everything about what I thought Vice is/was/could be. Actual screen shots:                                 4. GEOGRAPHICAL/ECONOMIC POLITICSOh, this is a touchy one. Distribution can play a significant role in how skate products are perceived. If you find one of your favorite brands at a big box retailer, it can feel a little disconcerting. That’s because some people actually CARE where products are sold. And some skaters feel very protective of the mom and pop skate shops. Then again, shop or die. Adding to this is the internet which has allowed a marketers/manufacturers to communicate DIRECTLY with consumers. That’s you. For those skate shops who spend hours, weeks and years building their local scene and shop by providing excellent service and selection, the rewards can be deeply satisfying. The rewards can also include having your livelihood put at risk by companies wishing to cut out the middleman (ie: the retailer). Don’t even get me started about the LOCAL politics between some shops.  That’s enough politics for one post. Ready to read your political rants…email me.