This year, #skatetofight Team Rider, Candy Dungan, shared her own sexual assault story in the pages of Concrete Wave. With folks like Harvey Weinstein on many people’s minds, this is an important issue to cover. There is ONLY one skate magazine brave enough to run a story about using skateboards (and luge) as a way of therapy in dealing with the crime of sexual assault. That magazine is Concrete Wave and we are proud to stand with people like Candy and the team at #Skatetofight.



You can see the entire story here:


This year, #Skatetofight is joining Candy and boyfriend Aaron Hampshire in Denver to produce a skate video that takes a stand against sexual assault.


In the video, Candy and Aaron will be discussing the importance of bystanders; the people who are not the perpetrator or victim. They’ll talk about how a bystander can support those in their life who may be victims of sexual assault, and they’ll suggest things everyone can do on a daily basis to help stop sexual assault from happening in the first place. Candy will use her own story, and how Aaron helped her heal, as an example.


“We started this campaign for the same reason we’ve done all of our projects: to help provide hope and healing for victims, and to advise bystanders on how to help,” said Jaden Beau Durrant, #skatetofight organizer. “Those who’ve suffered deserve to have a voice, to know where to get professional help, and to have the emotional support and security from the growing community that #skatetofight provides.”


Candy Dungan is ranked #5 in the World for Downhill Skateboarding Women’s Category. Aaron Hampshire is ranked #3 in the World for Downhill Skateboarding Open’s Category. With their help, #skatetofight is hoping to reach a large audience in a male-dominated industry.

Candy Dungan charges at the Verdicchio race in Italy. Photo: Sven von Schlachta


“It’s obvious the skate industry needs this,” said Candy Dungan. “I post something about sexual assault and no one interacts. I post that my bearded dragon did something funny and get hundreds of likes.” She believes that funding for this video will have to come from outside the skate community in order to impact a community that needs to hear this message.


#skatetofight has created a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production. The goal is to raise

$2,500 by Oct. 27th. This is an all-or-nothing campaign; if #skatetofight does not reach their goal, then they will not receive any of the pledged funds. Please stand with us in the fight against sexual assault by sharing this campaign with your audience and asking them to contribute and share.

Be sure to head over to the #skatetofight kickstarter campaign. 


#skatetofight is an organization founded in early 2015 with the goal to use skateboarding to help those who struggle with mental illness, and to create a more positive and friendly community for all skateboarders. Over the years, #skatetofight has branched out to help those who struggle with addictions, sexual assault, and the challenges of daily life. Although #skatetofight is our name, they recognize that the core of why skateboarding helps us is because of the passion behind it.


Passions are one of greatest healing and strengthening powers.


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