First up, apologies to anyone who read my first post on Instagram yesterday. As my good friend Sean said, “it’s not fully cooked.” Actually, Sean didn’t really say that, but it was the basic idea.


There are so many things changing with Concrete Wave. A new team is coming in. You don’t know most of them but each of them are doing a tremendous job. As we roll things out, you’ll learn more about them with each passing issue.


And speaking of issues, the next issue is almost at press. It’s VERY different than what you have seen before. Visually, you’ll be in for a shock. But have no fear. We are bringing the magazine out at three key events: Shred Expo, Agenda and ISPO. We want to make take notice of what’s cooking here.


Now it’s time for an explanation, confession and apology….and not necessarily in that order.


A confession: A few days ago, our Instagram page turned into a sh*tshow. A Thrasher logo turned into the word POSER placed with an image of a core downhill rider started the ball rolling. Comments quickly turned ugly from one particular individual. This led to outrage…and more outrage and then, well…barf.


From my perspective what started out as fairly odd quickly turned into a cesspool. The comments definitely rubbed some people the wrong way. It was so out of line for Concrete Wave….which I think what made it so viral, awkward and irritating/amusing…and not necessarily in that order!


You start out with this….




And then in 18 years… this!


And then in your 40’s….THIS! 


Concrete Wave has always stood for inclusion. Some Instagram comments were truly the antithesis of this philosophy.  And skaters got riled up. And so they should have.


The truth is that Concrete Wave doesn’t care what your riding as long as you’re riding. And the kinds of people associated with Concrete Wave feel the same way. Sometimes these people have very different ways of spreading their ideas.


Skateboarding contains a spectrum of behaviours and beliefs. Concrete Wave works with convicts, ex cons,, former heroin addicts, alcoholics and former alcoholics. Vert, freestyle, street, slalom…pools, freeriding, skateparks, downhill…commuter…it’s a community. 


The fact is that Concrete Wave offers a very unique perspective within skateboarding.  I sincerely believe we need the full spectrum of skateboarding to make it work. Our apologies to those who were angered and/or confused.


If you questioned Concrete Wave and the posts, you did the right thing. Moving forward, we will aim to move things forward!