We reached out to the folks in Douglas, Georgia to get their take on things. UPDATE – as of November 29th SKATERS ARE WELCOME!    Dear Mr. Brooke: The following answers relate to your questions within this email:Question #1 If skateboarders are banned, are scooters, roller bladers and bicyclists also banned?Please see the attached brochure for a full listing of the rules for the parade  Question #2 Given that it is easy to spot a skateboarder with a skateboard, how do you intend to enforce sex offenders not being at the parade? – who might be a bit more difficult to spot when compared to skateboarders.Through our application process, we have set up a process, through our police department, to verify sex offenders.  Question #3 Have you had calls from skateboarders and/or sex offenders to be in the parade? We have not had any calls from any verified sex offenders to participate in the parade this year.  My office has received only one phone call from a mother of a skateboarder, who expressed an interest to find a comprise for the skaters to be in the parade. I hope these answers provide you with the information you have requested.  Sincerely,Georgia Henderson  Georgia Henderson, DirectorPublic Information Department