Ever heard of Sammy Jackson? Well, if you’re involved with longboarding, you should be. He is, without a shadow of any doubt, THE BEST PASSIONATE PERSON OF LONGBOARDING ON EARTH! Don’t believe me? It says so right at his site: The funny thing is, I can’t find anything about this guy. I’ve never heard of him. My friend Scott Lembach over at Muir Skate wondered about him too: Sammy runs a website that promises to give consumers great insight into their purchasing of a longboard. They are an Amazon affiliate which means they make money on all the sales they generate through their reviews and promotion of various brands at their site. On the surface, this seems quite ordinary. But there’s something not 100% cool here. The boards Sammy reviews are generally for big box stores. I’ve seen the Atom and Quest boards in Costco. There’s nothing wrong with that – but claiming somehow these boards are the best of 2017 seems to be a little hyperbolic.  For those of you unaccustomed to reading between the lines, I’ll go out on a limb here and say there is something rather odd about the whole site. There are grammar errors and a sense that nothing on the site really feels legitimate. In my opinion, the majority of these decks are basic, beginner decks that may or may not be awesome for someone. But claiming these decks are the best of 2017 seems to be way off base. Of course, I could be completely mistaken. Maybe Sammy is the kind of guy I can go out for a ride with. Maybe have a beer with…Who knows? But one thing is for sure – I’ve sent some questions over to Sammy and we’ll see what he delivers. Meanwhile, Orwell spins in his grave. And for those of you still reading- go visit MuirSkate.com, and drop a few bucks. And if you’d prefer to spend money at your local skate shop, well, that’s cool too. Trust me when I say they need the money more than Amazon. PS – I’ll just call this exhibit B – lawn mowers and longboards…who’d have thought?