Sergio, known as “El Padrino” by the Spanish, can be found hand-making Ridersfly and Crema products at his home in Castellon, hosting freerides in Espana through RidersflyEvents, or traveling in the Ridersfly van to satisfy his own need-for-speed.
I had the pleasure of meeting and skating with Sergio during the 2017 Eurotour, and I was beyond impressed by his passion for skateboarding, Ridersfly and Crema products, and safely growing the skate scene. But don’t take my word for it, see what “The Godfather” has to say for himself.

How long have you been skating?
I’m a disaster for the dates, but I started small with aggressive inline skating until I was 20 years old. In 2005, I bought a longboard from an American friend (at that time, there wasn’t a store in Spain that sold longboards). I tried it, and I liked the sensations so much that I haven’t stopped skating since. I became more serious with longboarding and downhill in 2007, which was when we created Ridersfly.
What is it about skating that keeps you coming back?
Downhill gives me a feeling of freedom. It’s you, your board, the sensations, and the bond you create with others while you’re skating. Even if you do not know the other person, it’s very special and usually relaxes me. I consider myself addicted to this feeling! After everything that happened (with my injury), I tried to stop skating. However, the sensations, and what I feel about skating, would not let me stop.

When did Ridersfly start and why?
The idea to create Ridersfly was born one morning when we were skating. In one of the rides up the hill, my partner, Alex D’Elia, said “We could make a website.” That same night, I sketched what would soon become the Ridersfly logo. Together with Alex, we finished creating the logo and Ridersfly website: a dynamic portal in which to show everyone our passion, experiences, videos, and share knowledge with other skaters at an international level.
What differentiates Ridersfly from other brands?
Mainly, the quality of the products and the R&D. It’s by skaters, for skaters. It’s important to us that we create and manufacture functional products. We were born by a need, unlike many commercial brands that were born with the sole intention of profiting during the most glorious time for the skate industry. I had to search for compounds and formulas to find a special rubber for braking, which was both durable and precise. It should be noted that an important difference in the manufacturing of Ridersfly products is they are all made in Spain; prepared and packaged by us and with a lot of love.

How did you meet Maria Giner?
A friend introduced us one night, but I had already seen her at a skate demo. One day, I used the excuse of teaching her to skate. This is when I realized she was my life partner, and I haven’t left her side since.
When did Maria get involved with Ridersfly?
Unconsciously, she was involved from the beginning. However, it wasn’t until 2012/2013 that she got more fully involved with Ridersfly. Today, we manage Ridersfly and RidersflyEvents together.

Tell me more about Ridersfly Events and what you do for the scene:
Ridersfly Events, like the products, are born from the need to be able to skate in safe spaces, closed to traffic. After having the most serious accident of my life, I saw that we had to organize events to help the scene grow as safely as possible. Furthermore, as a brand, we believe it’s our duty to encourage growth
of downhill skateboarding by providing these safe environments.

What would you like to see in the future for Ridersfly?
I want to see the brand expanded internationally, create more products, have a broader calendar of
events… In short, I want to keep seeing Ridersfly grow.

Source: CW from MyStyle