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This post is being written on the morning of what was to have been the final day of Agenda. But sometimes things don’t always work out. A lot of people who booked space at Agenda booked it because there were three days originally. But, that plan was cancelled and vendors were told there would be no refunds or discounts based on skipping out on that last day.
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I am not sure where your head is at with Agenda. Maybe you had a great show. But a lot of folks I talked to did not find it a positive experience. It is definitely time for something new within skateboarding. I was there 22 years ago screaming to everyone that it was about to change. It’s about to change again
Cancelling the third day might have been the correct decision financially, but it wasn’t a kind decision. In a time of so many independent brands and retailers having so many challenges, every marketing dollar counts. Let’s say this was a two million dollar hit for Agenda. This amount, while significant, is not a huge number compared to the revenues of Agendas corporate owners.
A few million keeps dozens of small companies a float for quite some time.
How many fucking times do I have to keep repeating it:
When it comes to surf/skate/snow business, not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted, counts.
Money is important. Making a profit is important. But the bottom line isn’t always the bottom line. You have to reinvest in the roots while cultivating the crop.
You can ask my friend Corpo Man about the nuances of this business transaction. If you don’t know who Corpo Man is, just ask Tal over at Sector 9. He’s the last soldier left.
I could go on and on…but I won’t. Suffice to say if you regulate a show to the point where some of the hard goods folks have to fight to get into a show it’s a recipe for disaster. Some skate companies I know found themselves not CORE ENOUGH to get into a high priced show. I sense skateboarding will have the last laugh…it always does.
Time for a NEW Agenda?
More like time for a new AGE, but I won’t make you sign an NDA!
See you at Shred Expo and ISPO or the next skate session.
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