Illegal Snowskate Runs at Blue Mountain

Illegal Snowskate Runs at Blue Mountain

Mountains from California to Ontario are still getting snow.  Mammoth Mountain in California just had a foot of snow in late May, and says it will be open at least July 4th.  We don’t know if it’s climate change, probably is, but even though it’s Bad for Skateboarding, it’s great for Snowskating!

Check out this video of our homies poaching some runs at Blue Mountain, Ontario’s largest “mountain” resort who still hasn’t opened up their lifts to snowskaters.  Hopefully soon all resorts will turn to the dark side like Lakeridge our original home.  Scroll down for a list of mountains that DO allow snowskating.

Here is a list of where to snowskate in Ontario so far. (At least where you can get on the lifts;)

  • Batawa (surface lifts)
  • Boler (with a strap)
  • Dagmar Ski Resort (with a strap)
  • Mt Evergreen Ski Area Kamiskotia (with a strap)
  • Mansfield Pembroke Sir Sam’s Ski and Bike Ski
  • Lakeridge
  • Skyloft

Hope to see more folks on the hills next season be sure to pick up all your snowskate gear at Longboard Haven, who has been voted Toronto’s #1 skate shop 5 years in a row by Now Magazine.


Rider: Silly P
Filmer: Dab King

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