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Roll For Peace

26 Countries and Counting

Letter from a Thrasher Reader that is Mostly Full of Crap

Spotted this yesterday inside the letters section of Thrasher. George Orwell is probably rolling in his grave. If you don't want to read the entire letter, here are two wildly off base points: "There wasn't a real following for longboarding until about five years ago....

The Truth & Real Truth Newsletter #1

SECTION A - Welcome To the Truth & Real Truth - Introductions Not Really Necessary, But Here They Are Anyway I started up the Skategeezer Homepage in 1995. A few of you reading this were there when the NCSDA started. A few others might recall when Silverfish started. ...

Ahmyo Wheels – As the Wheels Turn

We had a chance to meet up with Edward Cordero, the head of Ahmyo Wheels. Ahmyo Wheels…that is a unique name – what is the meaning of it? AHMYO is a vibration, like Om. And it means Absolute and Complete Trust In Self There is a great deal of spiritual signs and...

Season Recap: Trashin

By Daniel Fedkenheuer Every time the skateboarding world sees a new video clip of Aaron “Jaws” Homoki plummeting off another mind-numbingly high roof or of Shane O’Neill effortlessly throwing down a video game-like NBD, the generally accepted boundary for human...

Product Roundup

Long time readers of CW Mag will recall our Noteworthy column. Now that we've slightly changed the format of the magazine, we no longer have this feature. The truth is that we welcome your products to be showcased here on our site. But, we will let the court of public...

Be aware. There are scams out there!

Holy freakin crap! SCAMS AND MORE SCAMS! I am getting inundated with emails from people who want me to spend thousands of dollars registering my concrete wave magazine in China. Here's the thing - it is a TOTAL SCAM. And here's another - f**k those guys! As for these...

It’s Snowing. You Say Can’t Skate? Time to Shred on a Snow Skate!

Today's forecast in Toronto is SNOW...followed by more SNOW. The question what the hell are you going to do about it? Four years ago I published this magazine. The truth is that sometimes it takes a while for the future to catch up with the present. I am delighted to...

Back from an Amazing Trip

Firstly of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit the new CW website. No matter what type of skateboarding you do, we welcome you! We have a lot more surprises in store. If you are dreading the drama Facebook with the passing of each day, we hope that...

The New Wave is Live!

Welcome to the new website. Pardon the dust. We hope you like the new website and enjoy it! But, it's far from done. In fact, it will never be done, because we will always be working on improving it to keep up with it's own natural purpose to be an extension of the...

We're off to the Continent. When We Get Back, the Site WILL Not Look Like It Does Now. Trust me on this.

As some of you may know, there is a GIGANTIC sports trade show in Germany coming up very soon. It's called ISPO. How big is it? Well, it's 14 buildings. To put that into perspective, the Agenda Show is ONE building. It is a worldwide show and because it's based on the...

El Padrino: Sergio Sebastiá, on Ridersfly and growing the scene.

Sergio, known as “El Padrino” by the Spanish, can be found hand-making Ridersfly and Crema products at his home in Castellon, hosting freerides in Espana through RidersflyEvents, or traveling in the Ridersfly van to satisfy his own need-for-speed. I had the pleasure...

Skateboarding in Palestine

  My name is Sirus Gahan and I’m a skateboarder, filmmaker and cinematographer. For one of my birthdays I was gifted with a small MiniDV video camera, a perfectly sized handycam that I kept in my bag. As most of my summer days were spent skateboarding, this became my...

Something new is brewing…

We have a new website coming on February 1stAlong with some other surprises.More updates to come. Source: CW from...

To All those Who Attended Agenda (original post Jan 5th)

Hi there, This post is being written on the morning of what was to have been the final day of Agenda. But sometimes things don't always work out. A lot of people who booked space at Agenda booked it because there were three days originally. But, that plan was...

Happy New Year

Today is a day of new beginnings. For me it is both a new year and a time to reflect. The past year has been rather turbulent for many in the skate industry (myself included). And yet, it has also been a tremendous year for many as well (myself included).I wanted to...
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