Justifying Our Existence

Chapter 2

Maybe you’ve always ridden a skateboard.  Maybe you left skateboarding but got drawn back in because they built a new skate park in your town.  Maybe seeing a longboard or pool skate at your local shop inspired you to take it up again.  Maybe, you were searching for something more.  Or, maybe you’re just new, but, you know in your heart that skateboarding is one of the most meaningful things in your life.

However, there has always been a disconnect between the pure love of skateboarding and what people see presented in the skate media.  We’ve always been here to change that.  For over 20 years, we’ve been about the stoke and soul of skateboarding.  The truth is, there is an awesome global community of skaters ready to push things forward.

We are here to reconnect you.

No matter what your age, gender, race, creed, culture, or what type of skateboard you ride, there’s a pretty good bet that you’re juggling many things in your life.  Family, friends, school, work; you’re obligations are many.  You know, like we do, that sometimes the best way to relieve the stress of life is through skateboarding.

We’re passionate about skateboarding, just like you. No matter where we are, when we spot cool places to skate, we’ll be thinking about it all day, and what it would be like to ride the concrete waves.

No matter how you’ve come to this site, we welcome you.  We’re are here to entertain, inspire, and draw you closer to skateboarding.

See you on the next wave.

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