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The Mission:  Sk8 + CRE8

Part of skating has always been creating content, even before creating content was a thing.  We use to steal our family’s bulky “camcorders” to go out and skate and film some footy.  Who knew (fast forward a few decades) that content creation would become what is has today, with the power of what used to be huge machines in every single person’s pocket, and amazing software available right on your phone or laptop. In today’s world, creating content can change lives, and everyone is connected to a non stop content stream called the internet. It’s truly game-changing.

Here at CW, we think creativity gave birth to skateboarding, and in return, will always be a perfect match for skateboarding & longboarding to find it’s groove. So, we dedicated this page to supporting just that, by offering whatever we can back to the skate community to use to make it easier to create and post more content, more easily, and get it out there more places than just facebook and instagram.  A place where you know it will be appreciated for years to come.  So, share your photos and clips, post your articles, design some boards, whip up some covers, and most importantly, have fun with it.  Enjoy!

– Concrete Wave Team


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