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    By using our forum, you agree to all of our policies and terms of use.

    1. Prohibited content
    As Noel Korman from the Shralper’s Union says, “it’s all about high fives and positive vibes.”
    Absolutely no violence, nudity (vajajays and dicks) hate, racism, threats or bullying.

    2. Marketing, Ads and Spam
    Yeah, we know your stuff is great. We have a space for you to sell your idea, product or dream. Stick to that and we’ll all be wearing diamonds. Please keep to the Brands and Marketplace forums. Spam or non relevant advertising will be take out the shed and shot. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

    3. Right vs Kind
    When in doubt over your post is right or kind, write the kind post for the public and the right post privately to that person. Do this, and our great-grandchildren will all be wearing diamonds.

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