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    Bud Stratford
    Bud Stratford

    The site’s looking pretty good, Mikey. Stopped in and browsed around for a bit, seeing what all the hype is about. Immediately noticed that the spellcheck feature works great; that’ll be a lifesaver, because I’m an idiot. Saw that you took Thrasher to task for publishing a lame letter from some stupid kid. Hopefully you don’t have stupid readers on your forums, or Thrasher might just take you to task and make you suck a big fat one.

    Just doing my job of being your persistent pain in your ass, buddy…! Love ya, as always!

    Signed with all the respect in the world, sincerely yours

    -Your Very First Stupid Reader

    Michael Brooke
    Michael Brooke

    Thanks for coming by Bud
    This is a solid foundation for the future
    If you build it, they will shred come…
    Forums that really resonate with a core community of good folks will triumph over fake news/facebook idiocy.

    It’s for us, by us and it’s going to take time to grow.

    But grow it will.

    As for Thrasher…well 30 million in t shirt sales per year means they dwarf most skate companies. I am too small for them to worry about. Still, their some of their readership need history lessons.

    Bud Stratford
    Bud Stratford

    Ain’t that the goddamned truth. Some of their readership needs a swift kick in the ass, too.

    Six of one, half-dozen of the other, I guess…


    Hey Bud!

    Thanks for coming thru and don’t be a stranger! We need the original roots like you!

    Great job on Everything Skateboarding, too, good stuff man!

    Bud Stratford
    Bud Stratford

    Thanks! Glad you enjoy it. It’s been pretty fun for me to put together! It’s been a while since I’ve been so immersed in a creative pursuit. It feels good.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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