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    Hey guys, just starting us off here.

    Whatever Skateboards website allows ANYONE to design their own graphics for the bottom of their deck or for their grip tape. Get on there and whip up your own designs for your own decks or grip, it’s super easy. Just upload your photos or use our free graphics, add colors, text, and save unlimited designs for free. Buy only the ones u want, and if you skate, get involved with our ambassadors for some discounts.

    Most of all, have fun with it. There’s no better feeling of self expression than shredding life your own way on your own boards with your own art on them. Get yours and make skateboarding look like skaters own it, not some brand names.

    We use high quality materials and special printing methods with awesome partners to ensure a good quality product even as one-off custom boards. We skate our own boards every single day, and we leave other great boards in the rack, and that in itself usually says more than anything else a skater can say about a board.



    Steven Meketa
    Steven Meketa

    BEST SKATE COMPANY EVER is Whatever!!!


    haha thanks Steven! You shred them the farthest!

    Steven Meketa
    Steven Meketa

    I do my best!!
    I will be 46 years old on April 14th!
    I am skogging at LEAST 46 miles that day!!!


    Any chance you can elaborate a bit more on who the ambassadors are and what they do??


    Hey Daniel,

    Our brand ambassadors are a level under our “TEAM” that we refer to as the “SQUAD”. They are not expected to compete like the Team is, just to rep our brand and get it out there on social media (IG mostly) and take part in our challenges if they want to. We also hit our squad with gear from time to time, like shirts, or hats, or sunglasses, or decks, or griptape, etc. Everyone on all levels is always welcome to skate with us or meet us at events etc. All Squad, members receive discounts to our shop, and all Team members receive a deeper discount and a stipend of store credit. Lastly we have our “Crew” which is our staff, we don’t really compete with the challenges if you’re on staff, but you do get hookups like boards, gear, or discounts. To get on the team or squad just follow the instructions on our website to complete your profile and submit it for review.

    There more info on how to get sponsored by us as a Team member or Squad member here:


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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