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    Djoeke Reeskamp
    Djoeke Reeskamp

    I’m planning on buying my first longboard, but i don’t know much about it and I’m not experienced at all. I tried a friend’s board and really liked it!

    I’m having problems deciding which one to get. My perfect longboard:
    -is not too expensive (<200 euros)
    – is versatile, i want to start with just cruising but when i get better i would like to do some sliding and small hills with it, without having to buy a new board(i dont wanna go 100 km h but it needs to be able to handle some speed)
    -is good or at least just decent quality
    -not too short but also not crazy long, and not too narrow (im 180 cm)
    -i prefer a topmount with drop deck

    I dont care about looks or design

    I found some myself, and was wondering which one you think is the best, which one is crap.. Or maybe you onow other boards that would be good for me?




    Thanks for helping me out!

    Sean [cw] webmaster
    [cw] webmaster

    For cruising top-mounted with drop-downs, if you want it really low especially, maybe check out Land Yachtz catalog? They have some of the most dropped cruisers around and they are built well enough to downhill with if the model is right for it.

    Loaded is worth mentioning too, not for dropdown specifically, but just in general as they’re making some of the best boards on the market. All of the longboard dancer freestylers seem to prefer them!

    Lastly Whatever Skateboards is a nice option if you want to customize your graphic to be your own. There are standard sizes and shapes with some top mounts and drop thrus but not sure about top mounted drop down, maybe not. See if maybe there’s a size that matches what you want there and you can design your own graphic for it right on the website, the customization is the kicker on Whatever, but the bords are good quality.

    Meghan Guevarra
    Meghan Guevarra

    I see that you prefer a top-mount deck w/ drop, but you’re asking dude!

    In own experience as mainly a cruiser/commuter and an occasional downhill rider, one of my preferred decks is a Rayne Vendetta.

    The platform is low. The deck is of reasonable length at about 40″ and quite light-weight (which is good for quick acceleration!), the construction is built to last (Water is wet! Send it!), the cutout design allows for a wide selection of wheels and, with moderate flex, is able to withstand moderate downhill action while having just the amount of give to snap through corners with steeze. 😎

    As a beginner, I purchased the 2012 model, mainly because of the incredible graphic, but am overall satisfied to this day with the design in terms of its construction; the concave, weight and height are comfortable with long distance use. It’s fun as Hell for freeride! I have yet to be bounced at increased speed, and I won’t slip the grip! My feet are locked and loaded.

    Anyway… Here it is:

    Whatever you choose, I wish you the best of luck with your search. Make fun and enjoy memories for a lifetime! 😊

    Meghan Guevarra
    Meghan Guevarra

    Whoops… That thing I said about water? Yeah, don’t do that. 😬 The Rayne Vendetta is no longer bamboo laminated with fiberglass. Dang. It helps if I know what I’m talking about, right? 🙄

    Good luck, homie. Show us what you got!


    Rayne changed their builds? Since when??

    Meghan Guevarra
    Meghan Guevarra


    This year, I guess. Could this be the beginning of the end of Rayne’s bamboo/fiberglass and tattooed masterpieces? 😲

    Djoeke! 😵 Here’s what I meant: https://rayne.com/shop/longboard-decks/vendetta-v2-migration-38-deck

    Eh. If you want, browse Rayne’s online shop selection, see if anything interests you (Get a load of that clearance section!) and, if something catches your eye, your local store may have the item on hand or access to its distribution.

    Once again, ‘all the best!

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