2019 downhill is really heating up in Brazil.  Here's some footy from Askavata 2019 Downhill Pro comp at TEUTÔNIA, Brazil and a recap. Videos by * Gui Chiele w/ Footy by: Rodrigo...

From the Community: World’s Tightest Hallway Mini Ramp?

Living in Toronto, housing space is limited. My friend Jack had a small corridor leading out of his bedroom. He's a crafty guy with a degree in electrical engineering. He had plans of utilizing the space, and shortly after he told me he was going to get to work...

Illegal Snowskate Runs at Blue Mountain

Mountains from California to Ontario are still getting snow.  Mammoth Mountain in California just had a foot of snow in late May, and says it will be open at least July 4th.  We don't know if it's climate change, probably is, but even though it's Bad for...

Sutton Fyre Snowskate Festival This past March the Concrete Wave Magazine crew went out to Sutton Fyre Snowskate Festival. It was everything we wanted it to be, and nothing like we expected it to be. The Concrete Wave team and a bunch of Ontario legends...

Who Invented the Ollie?   Who invented the ollie? Who ollied first? How did it happen? Watch along and find out, homies. The ollie was invented in the late 1970s by Alan "Ollie" Gelfand, the ollie since has become the basis for many other more...

Lance Mountain Interview Throwback to a classic Concrete Wave interview with Lance Mountain. Follow the Concrete Wave YouTube Channel for more awesome videos! Concrete Wave on YouTube

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Not for Profit

A quick glance over at Amazon USA and you can get into a longboard for $29.99 YIKES! (just kidding about the roll over image part!) And here's something else to consider - FREE SHIPPING How the F**K does this even work? Shipping has to cost something. A big box like...

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Ahmyo Wheels – As the Wheels Turn

We had a chance to meet up with Edward Cordero, the head of Ahmyo Wheels. Ahmyo Wheels…that is a unique name – what is the meaning of it? AHMYO is a vibration, like Om. And it means Absolute and Complete Trust In Self There is a great deal of spiritual signs and...

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Product Roundup

Long time readers of CW Mag will recall our Noteworthy column. Now that we've slightly changed the format of the magazine, we no longer have this feature. The truth is that we welcome your products to be showcased here on our site. But, we will let the court of public...

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Back from an Amazing Trip

Firstly of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit the new CW website. No matter what type of skateboarding you do, we welcome you! We have a lot more surprises in store. If you are dreading the drama Facebook with the passing of each day, we hope that...

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Skateboarding in Palestine

  My name is Sirus Gahan and I’m a skateboarder, filmmaker and cinematographer. For one of my birthdays I was gifted with a small MiniDV video camera, a perfectly sized handycam that I kept in my bag. As most of my summer days were spent skateboarding, this...

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