Custom Whatever B52 (9.5 x 39) – Design Your Own Drop-Thru + Drop-Down Longboard




Make your own custom B52 longboard! Add your own pictures, text and more and make a unique board that is uniquely you

The B52’s low ride lets you cruise smoothly and is ideal for long distance trips. The kicks on both sides also allow you to slide and ride freely on all types of hills and streets.  This board shape drops down in addition to having drop-thru trucks, so the center of gravity is SUPER low and close to the street.  This is an awesome board for people of all skill levels, and a great balanced board for beginners or a deep carver for more advanced shredders.

Concave Deep
Flexibility Stiff
Skill Level Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
Length 39″
Ride Style Freeride, Downhill, Commute
Width 9.5″
Wheelbase 27.5″
Additional Details Drop-through, Kicktail, Radial Drop, Twin-tip

*Note: This board is sold as deck-only.


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