Concrete Wave Magazine Subscription (Printed)

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Subscription to Concrete Wave Magazine IN REAL LIFE (Printed)

Minimum of 4 magazine issues delivered to your door in all of their glossy page goodness throughout the year!  If you enjoyed the website then you’ll LOVE the magazine. 

Just like video games can’t replace real skateboarding, our online mag could never replace the beauty and roots of skate magazines: glossy pages full of great photography and articles. Hold it in your hands. Go all the way. Read it on the crapper! It’s up to you, but one thing we know for sure, it will keep you more in touch with the wonderful world of skateboarding.


Please note: There is not a monthly print magazine, just a monthly payment option.  Either way, as monthly or annually paid subscriptions, we still ship the same number of mags per year.  That’s usually 4 or more mags and a bonus buyers guide mag.  Sometimes there’s bonus mags, sometimes swag, sometimes a surprise in there too for our longer subscribers that go the distance 🙂  So, choose your preferred subscription method and if you choose Monthly, we will ship our most current mag to you after your account has been active for 2-3 monthly cycles.  Shipping is included in the price, if you’re wondering why the difference between the retail price and subscription price is there, it’s the shipping mostly.  If you spot a Concrete Wave at your local skate shop, you can save a couple bucks on shipping, so keep an eye out for it and ask for it at your local skate shops too!  Thanks to Everyone who supports us and is part of the New Wave and new era of skateboarding.

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