Madrid Explosion Official Stranger Things Replica (Skateboard Complete)


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The Madrid ‘Explosion’ skateboard was a staple of the Madrid collection throughout the ’80s and appears in Stranger Things 2, belonging to a Hawkins newcomer known as MadMax. This board is handcrafted in our Huntington Beach factory (just like the one on the show) and setup with accurate retro components to match Max’s board.

  • Length: 29.25″ ~ Width: 9.5″ ~ Wheelbase: 15″
  • Madrid Retro Fly Wheels 62mm
  • Madrid Retro Copers
  • Cadillac Trucks 9″ Black
  • Flypaper Griptape
  • Authentication Sticker w/ Serial Number
  • Protective Board Bag w/ Collectible Hazard Poster
  • Madrid Retro Sticker Pack (Pictured Below)


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