Custom Whatever Poolfish Cruiser (8.5 x 32) – Design Your Own Pool Skateboard




Design your own Poolfish Cruiser!

The 8.5″ x 32″ Poolfish cruiser.
This deck features a 14.125″ wheelbase with kicktails and nose. The Poolfish is designed perfectly for everyday neighborhood cruises and commutes, and really shreds the pool.  It has a great kicktail and is about the size of an 8.5 park deck.  The concaves and wheel wells help give the rails a little more surfy feel that still digs in for hard carves when you want it too for great control.  This is an all around awesome for an all-purpose board that still shreds.

Coming from park decks?
If you want a board that has a little more cruise than a park deck but can’t quite say goodbye to ollies and quick street slides and stuff that you’re used to with park decks, then this is the perfect board for you!

If you want a little bit wider and similar shape, check out the Rock Steady.

*Note: This board is sold as deck-only.


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