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If you submit an article that is already posted on another website, we will typically write a review of the article, feature it in that review and link to it, rather than copying and pasting the text to syndicate the article  (which would be lame).  But, if you’d like us to publish a new article with text copy on our website or mag that is not already online elsewhere, please email it to us instead as a PDF or a Google Doc, at  Otherwise, for all the great YouTube and Instagram content out there, submit using the form on this page!

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If you submit  a link to your content and it’s a link to a forum post in OUR forums, your chances of getting featured go way up!  We love linking to the forum whenever possible, to help grow the community and unite more skaters through our new and growing forums.  You can always paste a youtube link URL or a Instagram Embed code into your forum posts to post awesome media there, and then submit your forum posts here to get featured! 

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This page was created as a way to reach out to the real skaters of the world for content, rather than always providing content from our writers, and curate that content and provide a vein of quality content from real skaters whether or not they’re sponsored.  In fact, being sponsored is awesome, but also love a good underdog, like we were most of our lives.  We love it even more if you submit content and you’re not sponsored, and doing so might help you get sponsored from brands that read our site.  If we can help even one guy reach a new level in his skate career through exposure and stoke, and inspire other skaters to do the same, then we’ve done our job.

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