Daniel Plunkett

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DP-IAUnited States
I hate it when you are drafting and the person in front farts straight into your face
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United States
Ponca State Park
I have my preferences, however I support any brand that is supporting the skate community
Currently tied between my Sacrifice and Dominant

I'm from the midwest (IA), I enjoy road tripping, and anything skate.

I first started skating when I was 10-11 y/o and skated up until i was 14-ish, then my board got stolen and never got another one since. I could never ollie but I loved to shred a bowl and go FAST. I got distracted with school, sports, trying to scrape together cash, eventually college. I graduated and found myself quickly needing to find a something to do that didn't involve alcohol. I was like "well I need something to get around town, I liked to skate," and longboards I thought were just the "comfy" way to skate, and they are, but I quickly learned another side...

In my first year I exceeded my goals of hitting specific local runs, In my second year I've progressed more than I could imagine and hit even bigger faster runs. This year I plan on getting standup slides down, pre-drifting and hitting mountain runs.

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